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"The Best Testimonial Is To Practice
What You Preach!"

DECEMBER 19, 1997
X 2!

BRIDE-FINDER is proud to congratulate 3 of its fellow staff members
and one other blushing bride on their recent DOUBLE WEDDING!

December 19, 1997 was a monumental day here at BRIDE-FINDER. It was a day that epitomizes everything BRIDE-FINDER works for. On this day a double wedding occurred. This time however, it was not a client of BRIDE-FINDER that was taking matrimonial vows. For the first time it was three members of the AFA staff! Ron Redburn (our International Marketing Director) and Elina Mourachova (one of our Production Managers) became "Mr. And Mrs." Redburn (pictured top left). With them, Rob Losacker (our Graphics and Production Coordinator) and his fiancee, Irina Efimova, became "Mr. And Mrs." Losacker (pictured top right) on the steps of the historical Rosson House in downtown Phoenix.

It was a beautiful wedding complete with horse drawn carriage as well as the camera crews from television's popular "Inside Edition" who took advantage of the event to do a human interest piece on our service. The TV producers were in Phoenix for two days and filmed everything from the beautiful brides and flower girl (Whitney - Rob's daughter) at Rolf's beauty salon getting their special wedding day hairdos, to the carriage whisking away the newly united couples. They also interviewed several of our past and current clients to get their input and attitudes about our service and generally find out why they decided to embark upon the adventure that they hope ends like Ron and Elina's (and Rob and Irina's) did.

It was indeed a very happy day here and it should be an interesting show, so be sure to see it! It is scheduled to air on January 13, 1998. Inside Edition is a popular nationally syndicated show so you will have to check your local listings for channel and times.

"The Best Testimonial Is To Practice What You Preach!"
December 19, 1997 Double Wedding

Both Elina and Irina originally sent their photos, bio information and letters to BRIDE-FINDER. In 1995, Elina was among the inaugural group of lovely women to grace the web pages of an upstart company that would quickly grow to one of the largest and most successful international picture personals and romance tour companies in the world.

Needless to say, Elina immediately caught the attention of Ron. As one of the founding members of AFA, Ron was not shy about getting that first letter on its way to Elina. "I am the perfect example of persistence paying off. I was the one who called her regularly. I was the one who actually went there to finally meet her. Elina received many letters from many very nice men but I was the one who persisted and followed through."

Elina is obviously grateful for Ron's persistence. "I liked him very much but I wasn't sure. It means so much to a woman that a man cares enough that she can hear his voice. That she can have the chance to meet him." Business called and Ron was off to Russia to establish our St. Petersburg operations and Elina soon became his chief assistant and office manager of the new St. Petersburg office. Ron and Elina spent more than a year together in St. Petersburg developing the business and coordinating our tours.

After a job well done and obtaining a fiancee visa for Elina, they returned to Phoenix in October of 1997 to move on to new frontiers and carry out their long awaited marriage plans. There was, however, more than one set of marriage plans brewing in the office.

Irina sent her letters and photos off to BRIDE-FINDER in October 1996. It arrived at our offices in early November. "A friend of mine who had met (and ultimately married) a Dutch man through BRIDE-FINDER convinced me to send this. I really did not know what to expect," Irina said.Rob is the Graphics and Production Coordinator at AFA and one of his responsibilities is to open and process the many profiles of lovely women that arrive at our offices every day.

Out of all the thousands of beautiful women AFA represents on their pages, this one was special. "She (Irina) had the prettiest smile and the brightest and most hopeful eyes I had ever seen in a woman." Literally hearing a "WOW!" from across the room, Rosemary Agee (our Data Input Manager) asked for an explanation of this comment.After getting this and inspecting the catalyst of the more subtle "Man!" that soon followed, she suggested to Rob that he should write Irina a letter. In other words...use our service! Rob remarks, "I still haven't paid the $9.00 for her address. I guess maybe I should."

"Rob, however, was a little shy about mixing his business life with his personal life. "I felt like the employee who smuggles a few office supplies home now and then. Like I was cheating the company." So Rob initially ignored Rosemary's suggestion and Irina's photos and letter were sent off to the normal processing channels. However, after a few weeks of thought and regular peeks at Irina's file, a letter was soon on its way to Russia by early December.

When I saw the letter in my mailbox I turned to little Gleb (her son) and said...This could be from your future Papa, Irina jokes in retrospect. Little did she realize that it was!"We always encourage our clients to send several letters initially. Not just one.

So I had convinced myself not to expect anything or get my hopes up," Rob reflects. "I had volunteered for Christmas duty that year and when I arrived at the office I noticed a fax in the fax machine that I didn't immediately pay attention to. When I finally did, I was shocked to find out that it was from Irina. She had just received my letter and wish me a merry Christmas." Indeed it was.

The seeds of romance had once again been planted in the world of BRIDE-FINDER.

Rob finally met Irina when he accompanied the AFA tour group to St. Petersburg in April of 1997. Hundreds of pages of letters through our Email Forwarding Service and regular post, many regular phone calls, and another trip to St. Petersburg later, Irina arrived in Phoenix just before Thanksgiving.

The $9.00 for the address was our wedding gift to Rob and Irina. The question now is: Who will be the next happy couple? Could it be you and your newly found AFA romance? We believe it could.


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